Sunday, October 29, 2006

Join Us!

Hello HAV Friends!

On November 04 at 1:00pm we will be having a very informal HAV meeting. We welcome anyone who would like to further their involvement, offer suggestions, ask questions, learn more, or just join for a coffee! The meeting, held at Uncommon Grounds 1030 South Park St., will discuss such topics as upcoming events, expanding our discount card, outreach initiatives, and more. We welcome and need your input to make the association stronger.

Other ways to offer suggestions or to get involved is by contacting us at or by posting a friendly blog!

We hope to see you next Saturday!

Cheers for now,
THE Halifax Association of Vegetarians

-- "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as
much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." ~Albert Einstein

Saturday, October 21, 2006

To HAV or HAV not - a membership card!

Hello everyone!

We have a new and exciting announcement from HAV!

Satisfaction Feast has agreed to join our disount card! For every purchase over ten dollars that is paid with either Cash or Debit, HAV members receive a 10% discount!

If you havn't yet joined the Association - I suggest this is a good time to do so. Our next monthly dinner in November will be held at Satisfaction Feast offering members an excellent opprotunity to use their new membership cards!

We will be announcing further information regarding next month's dinner very soon!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or inquiries for us; please don't hesitate to email :)

The HAV team

Friday, October 20, 2006


Welcome all new HAV members!

The 2006 Nova Scotia Good Health Show was very successful for the Halifax Association of Vegetarians (HAV) in raising our profile. Itwas our first large event, since we reactivated the association in thespring of 2006 and it required signs, brochures and also membershipcards, as we decided to start selling memberships at this event. We nowhave twenty-two members and this will quickly increase, as those whohave been attending our dinners will now be able to buy memberships. In addition to our new members, an additional twenty-seven names/emailshave been added to our contact list for information on our continuing activities.
Highlights of the show included our contact with Val Moressa, the Eastern Canada Sales Manager for L'Ancetre. This Quebec company sellscertified organic dairy products and their cheese is rennet free. Theywould like to support our association and are willing to sendcomplimentary cheese for a future HAV event. Although this is not for all of our members, we also expect to make connections with makers of non-dairy cheeses.
A professor of nutrition (also a vegetarian) took some of ourbrochures to distribute to her students. We were able to make connections with the Herbalist Association of Nova Scotia, who werejust across the aisle; Wanda Beattie of Atlantic Healing Hemp; andCarl Baxter of Half Island Harvest, who sells Nova Scotia sea salt ofhis own making and olive oil imported from Greece. All of these connections are possible speakers at future dinners or potlucks.
We have spoken about using our membership card as a discount card,similar to the popular discount card that the Toronto Vegetarian Association sells separately to its members. This is starting to happen more quickly than I expected, as The Source, located next to us at theshow, have agreed to honour our membership card for a 10% discount onadvertising. We'll be contacting other businesses in Halifax that areveg friendly and, as our membership grows, so too will the list ofbusinesses giving a discount to our members.
We will be organizing our festive dinner for November andsending you information regarding the date, menu, cost and perhaps our first speaker at the dinner. Our website needs updating and this is apriority for us, as is continuing outreach at appropriate locations,such as farmers markets. If you have ideas and can volunteer some ofyour time, please contact us. Jessica and I were able to cover thehealth show, but the success of the association will be determined bythe energy and talents we can collectively contribute to it.

Finally, we would just like to take this opprotunity to congratulate our
winner - Kathleen Jones who recieved
a dinner for two at Tarek's Cafe on Robie St.

Halifax Associations of Vegetarians

-- "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." ~Albert Einstein