Monday, November 24, 2014


The Halifax Association of Vegetarians is hosting a raw food dinner on Wednesday, November 26th, 6 pm at the Heartwood.  As in previous years this is one of our most popular dinners.
The revised menu is as follows:

Starter - Greek Style Salad
Main - Tomato Basil Zucchini Pasta served with Flatbreads
Dessert - Carrot Cake or Strawberry Cheesecake 
Tea & Coffee 
Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free!

The cost of the dinner will be $16 (children half price - under 5 free).
The speaker will be Susan Rubarth, author of Living the Raw Live Vegan Lifestyle.
For those not already reserved, there are still a few places remaining that can be reserved at

Friday, October 31, 2014

Dinner at enVie The Vegan Kitchen

Dinner at enVie A Vegan Kitchen (corner of Agricola and Charles) on October 30th at 6 pm.

The menu for the three course dinner is as follows:
Butternut Squash Minestrone
Walnut and Lentil Loaf with coconut mashed potatoes, garlic Brussels sprouts and charred leek and black pepper gravy
Chocolate Torte

$20 plus beverages, tax and gratuity. As always vegetarian and vegan friendly - in this case completely vegan. We always offer a special price and/or menu and in this case both!

Everyone welcome (members and non-members), but reservations required due to limited seating. Reserve at

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Our September dinner will be held on Friday, September 19th at 6 pm. We will return to the Mid East Cafe at the corner of Agricola and North, site of some of our most affordable and delicious dinners. Our speaker will be Jacob Thompson, who will speak on frugality and energy conservation.

Choose any 4 items from the 10 menu items listed (9 of the 10 are vegan) and the cost, including a drink, is $12 per person and (gasp!) these prices include tax!
1. Stuffed Grape leaves - Calrose Rice with herbs and spices
2. Mjadra Timan - Rice Lentils with caramelized onions
3. Mjadra Burgle - Wheat Burgle with Chives and Spices
4. Buryani Veggie* - Basmati Rice Eggplant potato onions yogurt and spices
5. Tabouli Salad - Parsley tomatos onion cracked wheat oil and spices
6. Hummus - Chic Pea salt garlic and Tahini
7. Mus'aa - Eggplant onion tomato chic pea and spices
8. Timan Bagelah - Basmati Rice green fava Dill and spices
9. Fuol Mudammus - Fava Beans with Onion and tomatos
10. Samosa - Hot spices mixed with Potatos peas and spices

Cash payment only.
Everyone welcome, but space limited so reserve early at

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Greek dinner at ela!

Summer is a busy time, but we still have found that summer dinners are popular.

Our next dinner will be on Saturday, July 26th  6 pm  at ela! Greek Taverna in the Bayers Lake Business Park. They will offer platters of their many vegetarian and vegan menu items for $16 per person, plus beverages, tax and gratuity. This allows you to sample as we could not do otherwise.

Please indicate if you wish to sit at a vegetarian or vegan table, after reviewing the colourful menu that is available from
As usual, we require a reservation.

Monday, May 26, 2014


The Halifax Association of Vegetarians is hosting a lunch at Cafe Karachi (16 Titus Street/Halifax) that will feature the foods of Pakistan. Although the cafe in normally open 3 - 8 pm, our buffet lunch will be held on Friday, May 30th at 12 noon.

Everyone is welcome, as is the case with most of our events, but due to limited seating, we can only accept 14 reservations.

Cost is $15 per person plus beverage, and there is no tax or gratuity. Our events are always vegan friendly and most menu items are gluten free. The speaker will be Muhammad Aslam (the cafe owner), who will speak about the foods of the Indian subcontinent that includes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Again this year we are hosting a vegetarian/vegan buffet, 6 PM on Monday, April 7th at Mexico Lindo (3635 Dutch Village Road). We return to Mexico Lindo each year because this unique buffet of authentic Mexican cuisine is fabulous! The buffet break-down is included below. 

Cost of the buffet (including drink and dessert) is $16.50 (+ tax) or $18.97 per person. (same price as last year!) Payment can be made at the dinner. Everyone is welcome. 
Due to limited seating, a reservation is required at


In a bed of greens slice mango, pears and pecans. Dressed with Honey.

Creamy soup made with poblano peppers and corn nibbles.

Corn tortilla pockets filled with spinach and cheese. Garnished with salsa and chopped cabbage.

Corn tortilla soaked in tomato salsa and filled with green pepper and corn topped with melted cheese, onion and sour cream.

A cake and a flan together! With or with out milk goat caramel.

VEGAN features of the buffet:

Cooked soy protein mix with tomatoes, onion, cilantro, jalapeno peppers and a zest of lime juice

Rice fried in salsa and diced vegetables

Refried Black beans

Corn tortilla pockets filled with potatoes. Garnished with salsa and chopped cabbage

Corn tortilla soaked in tomato salsa and filled with green pepper and corn.

NOPALITOS (Cactus Salad)
Slice tender cactus mixed with tomato, onion, and cilantro

AGUA FRESCA (House Drink)


We are meeting for dinner or "Mezza" on March 21st at 6 pm at Kababji (Authentic Lebanese Cuisine) 202 Brownlow Ave. Burnside Industrial Park. It will include the following:
a variety of cold and hot appetizers, and coffee or tea
Cold Appetizers
  - Hummus
  - Baba Ghannouj
  - Vegetable Warakennab ( Grape Leaves )
  - Foul Salad ( Mixed Beans )
  - Mushrooms with Garlic and Lemon Juice
  - Tabouli Salad

Hot Appetizers
  - Falafel
   - Cheese Sambousik
   - Okra
  - Loubieh

Pricing - $20.00 + HST + Gratuity

If not already reserved, please do so at

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Our next event will be a return to Fruition.  We will meet at Fruition's new location in the Seaport Market at 12 noon on Friday, February 28th.

Raw Flatbread Sandwich
Fresh Pad Thai
Chocolate Almond Bar
Mineral Water

$12 tax included (they now accept debit and credit cards)

Reservations at