Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mid-East Food Centre Dinner

~~ Action Packed August ~~

Thank-you to all who made it out for the PICNIC/POTLUCK event this past Sunday at Point Pleasant Park! The weather was just perfect and the food was fabulous. I'm always amazed when there are never two of the same dishes!

Although it may seem like we are hosting two August events, in fact, the Picnic was held over from July! So, mark your calendars once again because on August 17th look forward to a devine dinner at the Mid-East Food Centre! A year ago to date we held the same event and it proved to be the most popular thus far! Even more popular than our Pyramid Cafe Brunch!

The Mid-East Food Centre has welcomed us back and we're hoping for repeat success! With an expanded dining area, maybe this will be our biggest event yet! The price is UNBEATABLE, the quality is EXCEPTIONAL, and the atmosphere is INVITING! Don't miss out!!! Furthermore, Mid-East has agreed to offer the same menu choices as last year, making it a nostalgic treat for those who were there and a new memory for those who weren't!


Choose any 4 items for $8.00 per person!
- NO TAX -

1. Grape leaves (rice, oil, spices)
2. Mjadra (lentil, rice, onion)
3. Binjani Rice (Basmati rice, yogurt, eggplant, potato, onion, tomato, spices)
4. Tabouli Salad (Italian parsley, tomato, onion, cracked wheat, oil, spices)
5. Hummus (chick pea, salt, garlic, tahini)
6. Vegetarian Samosa {hot} (stuffing of potato, peas, spices)
7. Cracked wheat with tomato and onion

*Please note drinks are of extra cost and the restaurant is not licenced for alcoholic beverages.
** Also, CASH ONLY. Neither credit card or debit will be accepted.

[I've made my 4 choices ... and I bet your deciding yours right now!]

What's more is you can also anticipate an informative talk by a guest speaker from the Ecology Action Centre's Food Miles Committee who will be speaking on the ecological benefits of vegetarianism!!!

Simply reply to this email to reserve your spot for this exciting event as it will only go ahead if reservations are received.

As always, feel free to email with any questions, concerns, or comments!

For now,

Cheers and Happy Eating,
the HAV team

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