Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wellness Expo a Success

Our booth at the Wellness Expo on Saturday and Sunday, October 18th and 19th, was busy. This was our third year at the show, and it enabled us to increase our visibility. We were able to answer a wide range of questions about vegetarianism and our association, in addition to increasing our membership.

We presented two vegetarian dinners for two at Tarek's Cafe as prizes again this year, thanks to the support of Tarek. He has been very supportive of the Halifax Association of Vegetarians and both of his cafes are in our discount program for members.

Our Veggie Taste Challege at Planet Organic having been the focus of the association in September, it has been some time since we have offered a dinner for the membership. Good news! We are planning our Annual Festive Dinner at the Satisfaction Feast for early December and will be back to you soon with the details.

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