Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dinner at The Wooden Monkey

The Wooden Monkey Dartmouth will be hosting a dinner on Sunday August 27th at 6 pm.

1st Course
Raw Taco - nappa wrapped spicy sundried tomato walnut mushroom ‘meat’, fresh salsa, pine nut ‘sour cream’, guacamole

2nd Course
Roasted Chickpea Salad
chickpeas, organic brown rice, peppers, almonds, raisins, seeds, daikon, dulse, green onions, tahini umeboshi dressing, organic blue corn chips

3rd Course
1⁄2 Lentil Burger
lentils, carrots, miso, garlic, onions, daikon, oats, served on a 5-organic grain pita with lettuce, tomato & a maple mustard dressing, served with roasties (oven baked version of fries)

Chocolate Tofu Pie Bites
Our signature dish! Non-dairy chocolate & silken tofu create a wonderful densely smooth cheesecake ‘style’ dessert with an almond walnut crust, served family style

Financial Agreement
4 course meal = $20.24 per person + $3.04 HST + 3.72 Gratuity (16%) = $27
Beverages extra, although coffee/tea provided.

Our speaker will be urban planner Tristan Cleveland, as we view the skyline of Halifax across the harbour.

Everyone welcome.  Reserve at

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