Saturday, November 25, 2017

Dinner at Cheelin

Hello Members and Friends,
The Halifax Association of Vegetarians will host a dinner on Sunday, November  26th, 6 pm at the Cheelin Restaurant in the Brewery Market, 1496 Lower Water St. in Halifax.

Cheelin does not use msg, and sources it's ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible.

Cost is $18 plus tax and gratuity. Coffee or tea is included, but other drinks are additional. Children, age 15 and under, eat for 1/2 price.

Members and non members are welcome. Reserve a place at

The menu follows, although chef Fanny Chen offers to replace or add dishes if you do not see your favourite.
Appetizers: Spring roll, Dumpling, Cucumber salad

Moo Shu Vegetables (with pancake)

Main dishes: Yuxiang Eggplant, Snow Peas with Garlic Sauce, Crispy Tofu with Sweet Sauce, Spicy Green Bean, Mapo Tofu Potato with Eggplant in Garlic sauce, Firm Tofu with Garlic Greens, Saturday Noodles.

Steamed Rice

Hope to see you there

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